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Thiovit Jet

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1 KG, 8 KG
WG (Water Dispersible Granules)
Mode of action: 

A multifunctional contact fungicide which provides superior protection against flaking. Composed with the active ingredient SULPHUR and the quality formulation of water-dispersible micro granules, ensures a better homogenization of the solution. It allows you to achieve the full efficacy, persistence and safety of use that sulfur can provide. In addition, Thiovit Jet is a very good partner in anti-resistance strategies. When applying this fungicide, it must be borne in mind that certain varieties may be susceptible to sulfur under certain climatic conditions. The interval between treatments adjusts according to climate.

Note: While using the product always refer to the product label for an official listing of crop usage, restrictions and precautions for greater yield and benefits.

Crops Pests Dose
Rice Brown Leaf spot 1000 gm/acre
Apple Powdery mildew 1000 gm/100 Litre Water
Grapes Powdery mildew 1000 gm/100 Litre Water
Cucumber Powdery mildew 1000 gm/100 Litre Water
Melon Powdery mildew 1000 gm/100 Litre Water