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240ml, 960ml
SC (Suspension Concentrate)
Mode of action: 

A unique contact and translaminar fungicide used for management of downy mildew and late blight especially on fruits and vegetables. It possesses the composition of active ingredient MANDIPROPAMID and a formulation of a suspension concentrate. It inhibits the biosynthesis of phospholipids and cell wall deposition, thus effectively inhibiting the germination and spread of fungus. The product provides effective protection to the new growth, tender leaves and buds and the rapid flow to the leaf ensures a quicker protection shield as well as protection from rains. Recommended mixing is 0.8 ml of Revus with 1 litre of water.


Note: While using the product always refer to the product label for an official listing of crop usage, restrictions and precautions for greater yield and benefits.


Crops Pests Dose
Potato Late Blight 240 ml/acre
Tomato Late Blight (Phytophthora infesttance) 240 ml/acre
Cauliflower Downy Mildew 240 ml/acre
Chilies Downy Mildew 240 ml/acre
Onion Downy Mildew 240 ml/acre
Okra Downy Mildew 240 ml/acre
Melon Downy mildew 200 ml/100 Litre Water
Cucumber Downy mildew (P.pacitica), Phytophthora blight 200 ml/100 Litre Water
Grapes Downy Mildew 200 ml/100 Litre Water