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Welcome to Seedcare Asia Pacific!

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Successful crop protection starts with seeds, the essence of life. Today’s seeds offer a broad spectrum of varieties and traits with advantages to the growers


Seed treatment is critical to protect the genetic potential of high value seeds, ensuring it’s best protected while exposed in soil by multiple factors.


Syngenta Seedcare offers an industry-leading product portfolio based on its world-class research, product development and support capabilities through the P.A.S.


The Pillars of Syngenta Seedcare

Syngenta Seedcare brings a three-pillar offer: Products – Application – Services (P.A.S.), which delivers value to our customers BEYOND SEED PROTECTION™.



Innovative pipeline and broad range of existing, effective product

  • Comprehensive portfolio
  • Convenient premix solutions
  • Rich R&D pipeline
  • In-licensed compounds


Expert support to safely and effectively apply our products onto seed

  • Recipe development and seed safety
  • Application, quality & engineering support
  • Stewardship and training


Tailored services to create and meet demand for treated seed

  • Reliable and flexible supply planning and procurement
  • Technical, agronomic and marketing support for demand creation
  • Equipment finance offers

The Seedcare Institute Pillars

The Seedcare Institute network consists of 16 laboratories throughout the globe with focus on providing technical support to Seedcare customers. We specialize on providing services to a wide range of customers throughout Asia Pacific on various crops such as rice, corn, soybean, potato, wheat and cotton. 

Through our Seedcare P-A-S strategy we offer an extensive list of services in 6 technical service pillars. For growers, advisers, retailers, and seed producers. Delivering high quality services, supporting you every step of the way. 

We support our customers with application and product handling guidance to support them on a smooth seed treatment process and more efficient operation. 

We offer a refreshed and comprehensive list of services to support upstream and downstream segments. 

Talk to your nearest Seedcare representative to know more about how you can benefit from our differentiated service catalogue.



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