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1 KG
WP (Wetable Powder) in water soluble packs
Mode of action: 

Topik® is a very efficient herbicide for the post-emergence control of grasses in wheat. Due to its broad weed spectrum and ability to successfully control grasses under different climatic conditions, Topik® is used in all the cereal markets of the world. Formulated with the active ingredient CLODINAFOP-PROPARGYL and CLOQUINTOCET-MEXYL are absorbed through he leaves and shoots actively growing plants. The product has an extremely broad application spectrum, superior crop tolerance and gives reliable control under varying climatic conditions. The grower can be sure that it will work even under unfavorable conditions.



Note: While using the product always refer to the product label for an official listing of crop usage, restrictions and precautions for greater yield and benefits.

Crops Pests Dose
Wheat Grasses(Phalaris & Avena) 120gm/acre