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1 KG
Mode of action: 
Topik 15 WP is a post emergence grass selective herbicide. It contains ‘Clodinofop Propargyl’. Water soluble bags, Systemic grass herbicide, absorbed through leaves & shoots. No harmful effect on Wheat crop. Dose: 120 gms/acre.


Uptake and Translocation

The active ingredient clodinafop-propargyl and the safener cloquintocet-mexyl are absorbed through the leaves and shoots actively growing plants. They are rapidly translocated in the plants and accumulate in the meristematic tissues.


Best results on actively growing weeds in fine weather. Good control of Phalaris from the 3 leaf to end of tillering stages. Early applications usually give greater crop yields than later applications. Late emergence of weeds after application will not be controlled

Weed Control Symptoms

Susceptible plant weeds stop growing within 48 hours of absorbing clodinafop-propargyl and the safener cloquintocet-mexyl. Discoloration of leaves and swelling usually occurs within 14-20 days and central leaves can generally be easily pulled from their bases. Tissue death follows a week or two later