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Pack size: 
330 ml
1 litre
Activity Group: 
Group A (Den)
Mode of action: 
Pinoxaden inhibits the ACCase (acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase) which inhibits the production of fatty acids. Inhibits cell division (effect on meristematic tissues)

Pinoxaden is absorbed mainly through the leaves and is translocated both up (acropetally) and down (basipetally) the plant to the growing shoot or root tips.

AXIAL contains pinoxaden is a post emergent, translocated, foliar absorbed, grass selective herbicide.



Tank mixing

It can be tank mixed with Allymax followed the common mixing practice. Always apply a solid (WG / WP formulation first to the sprayer tank and allow it to fully dissolve within the water before adding any other products. Mean 1st add Ally Max and then Axial.

Mixing and spraying

Half fill the sprayer with water, add the AXIAL, allow to disperse before adding any other product then top up the tank whilst maintaining agitation. Apply using a medium/fine quality spray using a spray pressure of 2-3 bar.

Water volume

110-120 litre


1 hour