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Actara WG

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Pack size: 
24 gm
WG (Water Dispersible Granules)
Mode of action: 

ACTARA® is a unique systemic insecticide that provides excellent, fast-acting and long-lasting elimination of a broad range of foliar and soil pests. Its benefits go beyond insect control as its unique chemical properties consistently helps growers to maximize crop potential through healthier and more vigorous plants, better quality of harvested fruits and grains with higher yields. For growers ACTARA® is the best choice for flexible crop protection with a range of application methods from conventional foliar sprays and soil application, to more sophisticated systems such as drench and drip irrigation.


Note: While using the product always refer to the product label for an official listing of crop usage, restrictions and precautions for greater yield and benefits.

Crops Pest Dose rate ml/gm/acre
Cotton Jassid 24 gm/acre
Cotton Mealy Bug 48gm/HLW
Potato Jassid 24 gm/acre
Okra Jassid 24 gm/acre
Tobacco Aphid   24 gm/acre
Mango Hopper 10 gm/ HLW
Rice White backed plant hopper 24 gm/acre
Citrus Psylla and Leaf miner 10 gm/HLW
Brinjal Jassid 24 gm/acre