Seeing is believing. Visualize the benefits of seed treatment with compelling marketing materials. 

It is one thing to know that seed treatment protects the seed and young seedling from damage caused by soil-borne diseases, insects and nematodes. It is quite different to actually see it in action. 

Watching roots grow underground, using visualization tools like Rhizotrone Technology, is just one of the methods we use to do this. We regularly use these tools and augmented reality at global events such as the annual International Seed Federation (ISF) World Seed Congress to help customers see what the naked eye never can. Observing how seed-applied technologies like crop protection compounds, biologicals and biostimulants protect the roots and promote plant development at trade shows has helped our customers understand for themselves how they really work. 

We also use root scanning technology, thermogradient table videos, time-lapse videos and the latest tool of them all – 3D/360° visualization – to help visualize the otherwise invisible effects of seed treatment. These tools, which are mostly used to help us generate technical data, are a powerful way of bringing seed treatment to life. 


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